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Are you considering tile flooring for your home rather than the traditional wood or carpet floors? Then it is crucial that you hire a reputable, professional, and quality remodeling company, with exceptional customer service which can satisfy all of your needs. At Americraft Building Technologies, we offer flooring services at an extremely reasonable price to the entire Tampa Bay area, including Clearwater, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor, Largo, St Petersburg, and Tarpon Springs. We understand that all of our clients’ needs vary. Our adamant attention to detail on each and every project results in top quality service guaranteed to satisfy all customers.

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Tiles have become a popular choice for flooring due to their durable material and convenience in regards to cleaning. There are also a wide variety of tiles that you can choose from such as ceramic, vinyl, porcelain or concrete-- all containing their own advantages. Compared to other flooring options, tiles are very strong and resistant to abrasion in high traffic areas in your home. Whether you are considering adding tiles to your kitchen or another area in your home, you can count on tile flooring to provide an aesthetic pleasure as well as permanence to the designated location. The professionals at Americraft Building Technologies are trained to assist you every step of the way, servicing Clearwater, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor, Largo, St Petersburg, and Tarpon Springs with excellent customer service.

A major benefit of tile flooring is the ease of maintenance. Choosing the proper materials for each situation is crutial. Let our vast knowledge of tile and stone ease you through this very important decision.  Tiles enable any mess to be conveniently cleaned with no major issues. All that’s required are your good ole hands and a few simple cleaning products. The time and money saved from tile flooring are priceless. Many of our clients do not even realize that carpets often harbor bacteria and mold deep down in areas impossible to clean. This can pose as a health hazard for members of the household since sickness can occur frequently due to the bacteria. This is just one of the many priceless lessons which we educate our customers on along with our quality installation services.

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We provide our services to Clearwater, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor, Largo, St Petersburg, and Tarpon Springs.

There are many different tile textures, patterns and designs that you can choose from as well. This is great and most convenient for homeowners who wish to personalize different rooms within their home. Professionally tile flooring your home is relatively easy to accomplish compared to other types of floor covering choices. The ease of installation and repair makes tile floors the most convenient choice for our customers. All that is required for repair is a simple replacement of the broken tile. With all of these benefits, it is no wonder why many people are opting to utilize tiles as their choice of flooring over wood and carpet floors.