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Currently, wood flooring is proving to be the most preferred option many people are opting into over carpet and laminate flooring. Are you looking for a professional and reputable company within Florida, which provides top-notch wood flooring services at a fraction of the cost than its competitors? Look no further and contact the professionals at Americraft Building Technologies today. We have proudly been servicing the residents of Clearwater, FL, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor, Largo, St Petersburg, and Tarpon Springs for many years. We completely understand that the process of flooring your home can be such a tedious task. With your convenience in mind, our flooring expert professionals work with you every step of the way, from the initial wood selection process to completion, to ensure that the best type of wood is selected based on your needs, desires, and preferences. Our customer satisfaction rate continues to increase yearly as a result of the personalized and detailed attention we provide each and every client. Your demands and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us. You no longer have to stress yourself and hassle over DIY tutorials on flooring which can end up costing you a fortune and much wasted time.

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There are many advantages of selecting wood over various other flooring options such as laminate, tile, or carpet. Wood floors are much more durable and resistant than any other type of flooring, with one of its most convenient advantages being the ability to retain heat. This provides a warmer and more comfortable surface for your feet, compared to the cool surfaces of laminate and tile flooring. Cleaning is also one of the biggest factors to consider as well when choosing the right flooring option. What is the point of selecting a floor for your home that is difficult to clean? With your convenience and ease in mind, wood floors are undoubtedly the easiest to clean and maintain. A quick sweep and damp mopping are all that’s required to keep your wood floor looking new and fresh.

With wood flooring now as your selected choice, there are various options which we will help you choose from, such as pre-finished or finished wood for example. The pre-finished wood saves time during installation due to the fact that no sanding is involved. Thus, there is no need to wait for them to dry once installed. Other coats such as lacquers or floor varnishes usually dry rapidly as well. We assist you in your selection process of different surfaces and stains depending upon the color scheme of your residence. Some stains bring out the wood’s natural beauty, while others may change the color of the floor completely. The versatility of wood floors enables a broader personalization for you and your home.

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Having wood flooring installed in your home truly complements the visual elements and personal cozy feel for your home. Residents living in Clearwater, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor, Largo, St Petersburg or Tarpon Springs, can call now and benefit by having our flooring professionals beautify their homes. Employees at Americraft Building Technologies understand that one’s home is truly an extension of them, and we are dedicated to making this extension as beautiful and convenient as possible. With our reliable customer service and quality workmanship, you can trust that we will transform your house into a work of art with the addition of wood floors.

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